Allow audience members to interact with the themes of the play

Under its new artistic director, the Old Vic is on a mission to redefine how people view the theatre. As part of this, they asked us to develop an interactive experience to run alongside its community company show “Rise”.

We wanted to expand the themes of the play, and create insights into the lives of the people we share our city with. We recorded real messages from people across London and built an installation consisting of three phone booths that periodically ring. Passersby who stop to answer a phone find themselves listening to an intriguing, often intimate voicemail left by a Londoner to someone in their life. They include moving, funny and powerful messages of confession, unrequited love, humour, accusation and support.

2,500 calls were delivered during the installation. Sign up to receive messages from the project on your own phone, or read a blog post about creating the project.