Contemporary dance has a rather exclusive feel to it: how can we democratise access to this artform, and bring a new audience to one of the world’s greatest choreographers?

This was the challenge set by British Council to us, as they planned a major tour of Company Wayne McGregor across India. Our response was Mix the Body, allowing anyone with a smartphone to choreograph and share their own dance, in collaboration with Wayne and four incredible dancers.

Choreography is a simple case of drawing gestures on screen, which the dancers respond to. Experiment with different gestures, then thread together a sequence. Pick your music - six bespoke pieces from leading composers including Max Richter and Jon Hopkins - then see your piece played back as a performance. Given there are over 7 trillion possible combinations, it’s almost certainly uniquely yours.

Flying Object conceived of the project (as the latest in the Mix series), produced the filming, and project managed across multiple partners and stakeholders.

Try it yourself: