See in the dark

London becomes a very different city after dark. Which is why we were so excited by the Museum of London’s brief; to bring the critically acclaimed photography exhibition London Nights to life at a free ‘Late’ event.

Our fictional Night London Council introduced our audience into the real city at night: not just the drinking and nightlife, but the people who work, or find their passions, or take on new identities. Our numerous departments were scattered throughout the museum, dramatizing the different ways people behave in our vibrant nocturnal city.

We curated an ambitious live experience, packed full of artists, performers and musicians. Take a peek at what the experience offered London that night at the Night London Council:

Department of Culture hosted a raucous office party, by Pussy Mafia and Highway 2 Heartbreak.  

Department of Immigration hosted performance artist and Drag King Whisky Chow exploring female masculinity, stereotypes and cultural projection of Chinese and Asian identity.

Department of Waste & Recycling storyteller Louise Ashcroft repurposed fragments of evidence found in urban spaces, mythologising the mundane.

Parks & Environment Department presented a TV show host who had been overcome by nature. Interviewing foxes, he learnt about their urban experiences in nocturnal London.

Department of Work hosted Liminal Space (a creative think tank running a research project funded by Wellcome Funding). Working with Co-Op warehouse night shift workers, they explored healthy lifestyles to support nocturnal working patterns.

Department of Health offered advice on the science of sleep.

Department of Printing & Distribution allowed you to print and send a postcard from night to day, with Robert Hetherington.

Department of Education & Skills hosted by Art Macabre featured non-traditional models ranging from queer activists to experimental performers.

Night London Council Radio broadcast throughout the night. Presented by Zakia Sewell and numerous guests, we interviewed passengers on London’s night buses on their way to and from work. Selected highlights aired on Resonance FM.

Supported using public funding by the Arts Council.

“This has been the best curatorial team I have worked with” - Whisky Chow, participating artist.

Photos by Mark Allan