Reaching out to the next generation of scientists

Google Arts & Culture wanted to inspire the next generation of scientists. Highlighting the work of contemporary scientists, as well as those from history, they got us involved in their new project Once Upon A Try. We were so excited by the challenge of making stories about scientists and their discoveries accessible and appealing to younger, diverse audiences.

In our Visionary Heroes series, we wanted to inspire audiences with the stories of scientists who overcame both personal and professional adversity. Not only did these women make scientific breakthroughs, they made inspiring progress in hostile social situations. Despite being forgotten by the history books, they are our heroes for so many reasons.

Visionary Heroes proudly showcases the awesome stories of five era defining thinkers; nuclear physicist Chien-Shiung Wu, NASA astronaut Mae C. Jemison, programmer Ada Lovelace, inventor Sarah E. Goode, and physicist and chemist Marie Curie. Their impact is still felt today.

Maximising the Instagram story format, Visionary Heroes delivers their biographies as snackable content. Each animation lasts just 50 seconds, motiving audiences to go out and break through those glass ceilings too. Go go go!

Our pop culture today is dominated by superheroes and their exceptional abilities. In Scientific Superpowers we wanted to demonstrate how work at the cutting edge of science and invention is giving us all superpowers to build the future.

In our five-part YouTube series, we met scientists and engineers in the early stages of their careers tackling the greatest challenges of our age.  Working with comic artist, Adam Cadwell, we reimagined what each of the scientists’ superpowers would be, if they were a comic book hero.

Introduced by BAFTA-winning presenter and YouTube educator with a loyal family following, Maddie Moate, each film explores the science behind the inventions and discoveries being made by Alex Lathbridge, Jess Wade, Farah Ahmed, Yewande Akinola, and Dr Ying Lia who are helping to build our future.