In November 2015 leaders from around the world gathered together in Paris for the COP21 conference on climate change. YouTube wanted to mark this historic event by encouraging their audience to take part in the debate and add their voices to the global petition, using the popularity and talents of some of their biggest creators.

#OursToLose was born out of the idea that people generally understand that climate change will alter the planet, but don't always appreciate the direct effect this could have on their lives. We worked with creators to identify things that they love that are under threat, backed up by scientific research, to encourage viewers to share their own favourites using the hashtag across social media. We worked with YouTube and WeAreSocial to develop the overall campaign, and produced the hero video and brand identity for the project.

The project saw a huge reaction across social media. The hero video received over 3 million views, and hundreds-of-thousands of people joined the discussion and added their voices to the call for change.

D&AD awarded #OursToLose their "Good Campaign of the Week" in December 2015.