Turning a chatbot into a loveable interactive advice guru, at Westfield

Jewellery brand Pandora wanted to spread the love for Valentine’s Day by raising awareness of their Facebook chatbot ‘Gemma’ and driving store visits at Westfield.  We were brought onboard by out-of-home specialists JCDecaux to design and build the installation.

Activations like this allow a brand to have an informal, face-to-face moment with their customers, creating a two-way communication channel that should be fun and rewarding to take part in. For us that meant focusing on both the interactive digital component as well as an ambient physical design.

The interactive element - your conversation with Gemma - saw the chatbot reborn as a romantic advice guru. We gave Gemma form as a bouncy, animated 3D heart, modelled on Disney animation principles, to make our robot feel loveable. Meanwhile the physical design employed a rich use of transparent red perspex alongside a heart-studded pink wall and floor, to both stand out against and capture the brightly-lit mall around it.

The result worked within Pandora’s elegant branding while reaching out to a fun-loving audience. The installation was an unqualified success, driving around a thousand engagements from the activation alone.

“It’s been really amazing working with Flying Object and JCDecaux on this. We’ve been able to collaborate really well, bringing together lots of different skill sets, and the whole process has been completely seamless.” Rosie Reeves, Brand Manager, Pandora