Case Study - Radio 1: Rapid, relevant, data driven content

BBC Radio 1 has played a key role in youth culture for five decades. But today’s mobile-first generation is besieged by content fighting for their time. Our challenge was to capture attention on social media and drive more young people onto Radio 1’s website.

Our solution was to react to the content on Radio 1 shows, riffing with what happens on-air and turning it into snackable written content. By positioning a core Flying Object team in Broadcasting House, we created daily articles rapidly. In other words, making radio that's readable.

We also created a data analysis project to ensure the solution was delivering long term. Developing a 6-month test-and-learn process, we quickly established what clicked with our readers. 

The hard work has paid off. The content became a large driver of traffic to Radio 1’s website from Facebook. The project was extended another 18 months, and been rolled out to cover 1Xtra, Asian Network, Radio 2 and 6Music.