Driving positive perception of Intel® by demonstrating the power of its products - while creating an interactive spectacular worthy of its theatre location

The Royal Shakespeare Company and Intel® approached us to create an interactive front-of-house experience for the audience of their groundbreaking production of The Tempest, which features dazzling projections and real-time motion capture.

Our response was ‘Conduct the Storm’. Riffing off the themes of both play and production, audiences could create the tempest that begins the story just through moving their hands in mid-air. These gestures were captured by an Intel® RealSense™ camera, and translated into waves, rain, cloud movements and lightning. The storm was projected on to two huge screens that dominated the front of house like sails of a ship. A cloud sculpture hung from the ceiling,  electrified by strobes whenever lightning was triggered.  

The experience went down a, well, storm with audiences of all ages, leading to over 5,000 unique plays during the run.

Bringing audiences right into the themes of the play: Prospero's Cell

In a separate brief, we were invited to design an exhibition to accompany the show. Our response was Prospero’s Cell, a walkthrough installation. We imagined how Prospero’s island home might look if he were alive today; a man of great power, trapped for 12 years with his now-teenage daughter. Visitors uncovered the story of him and Miranda by decoding the elements in the installation  

Photos by Gina Print © RSC