Dragging RuPaul’s online audience over to truTV  

RuPaul’s show Drag Race had a very modern problem. Many of its fans had already seen Season Seven online, nine months before making its official UK debut on truTV. Our task was to persuade them that the TV broadcast was an event worth watching and bringing friends to, without a major marketing budget.

Drag Race fans were already busy sharing gifs of the show. We decided to amplify this activity, both feeding and fanning the flames of fandom while the show aired. Launching in the new year, #AWholeNewRu was a social campaign anchored around hundreds of gifs from the show. Just like the fans, we relentlessly posted a new gif and joke every single day for the entire season. We also created four ‘hero moments’ which gave fans new, funny and substantial material to get their teeth into and share. The Meditation video was the real deal and lasted an epic 11 minutes. We were frankly thrilled when RuPaul herself retweeted our fictional iSashay Tracker wearable.

Engagement with the content was high. Our total Facebook reach was 1.5 million with video views hitting 258k, and Twitter impressions climbing to 444k. Not bad for a niche audience who’d already seen the show.

"We decided to spread our bets, and make several cheap gags we thought RuPaul super fans would love. They're a discerning fandom, so what we made was unusual - a telephone line, a guided relaxation, an exercise video, and a completely made-up wearable product" Tim Partridge, Creative Director