Technology can transform companies. But investing in technology, and committing to the transformation that will come, is a big ask of managers. To inspire change, then, technology providers - such as Google - need to hero the companies and individuals who are leading the charge. We were commissioned to create a content series profiling these companies - which we informally call Search Lights.

To make these films watchable and aspirational, we needed to break the boring, established format of case studies: no more interviews in offices, pointing at screens or at whiteboards. Instead we wanted to use visually rich locations which reflected the brands’ stories, shoot on wide lenses to frame the interviewees in a way that’s engaging, and visualise the transformation through creative cutaways - whether that’s sticking a camera in a Matalan trolley, or exploring the beauty of hotel design for price comparer Trivago in Düsseldorf.

Check out the first two in the series below, and keep in touch with our Twitter for more films coming down the line.