An epic live moment, uniting creators and audiences to fight back against cancer

Being invited to pitch for Stand Up To Cancer YouTube Live Stream 2018 presented an intriguing challenge. How could we reach new YouTube audiences with a live stream that felt true to a predominantly pre-recorded content platform?

Our answer? YouTube Fights Back, a live three hour YouTube binge. We divided the live stream up into dozens of short, unmissable content moments. Our live YouTube playlist was designed to appeal to an audience with a short attention span and a love of snackable content.

Diversity of both creators and audiences was at the heart of our idea. Our goal was to create a live show that could speak to new communities. Reach was key. Inclusion was everything. We also wanted to invite those who had experienced cancer to the party as stars in their own right.

Our live stream was packed to the rafters with big names, including Patricia Bright, Lewys Ball, Saffron Barker, Niko Omilana, Jemel One Five, Hannah Witton, Niki & Sammy, Vikkstar and Jessica Kellgren-Fozard. Household names Caspar Lee, Joe Sugg, Mikey Pearce, Jack Maynard and Josh Pieters communicated complex science ideas through pranks our audience loved. Meanwhile, much-loved creators such as Lucy Moon, FusionOfCultures, and SORTED Food (to name just a few) kept the live content flowing. We even had Amelia Dimoldenberg, of Chicken Shop Dates, interviewing celebs backstage at the live Channel 4 TV show.

Hosted at the YouTube Studios in London, YouTube Fights Back was an energetic, vibrant, bustling three hour extravaganza. In total, 75 creators joined forces with our crew of 60. It was fast, furious and fabulous fun. Our big finale starred Niko & Saffron live on the Channel 4 show, on a rooftop loaded with paintball catapults.

Everyone learnt that 1 in 2 of us in the UK will get cancer, but its days are numbered, thanks to research funded by SU2C. Here at Flying Object we learned something epic too. What has the power to unite multiple audiences and their creators in a single moment? Live streaming.