Opening up the work of a Dutch master to the YouTube generation.

Google Arts & Culture and the Mauritshuis Museum wanted to find a way to connect Vermeer with the YouTube generation.

To do this, we went back to the question, why is Vermeer so renowned? The answer lies in a complex bundle of factors: artistry, history, economics, even science.

By inviting different YouTubers with different specialities and perspectives, we were able to show multiple sides of the painter’s work, while tapping into each creator’s own unique audience.

  • TodayIFoundOut looked at the science and economics behind the colors Vermeer used

  • It’s History discovered how Vermeer’s hyper-realistic works diverge from reality

  • Antonio Garcia Villaran looked at Vermeer’s technique, and use of light

  • The Art Assignment provided a behind the scenes look to groundbreaking technical re-examination of the Girl with a Pearl Earring

  • ONLYinJAPAN met a Vermeer ‘Otaku’, and asked the question ‘why is Vermeer Big in Japan?’

As well as the launch trailer, Flying Object co-produced each of the creators films, working with them and the Mauritshuis to develop each concept, and co-ordinating shoots in the Netherlands.

The resulting films have been viewed over 600k times