Case Study - B2B: Treating business audiences like humans

At Flying Object, we believe B2B doesn’t have to be dry or overtly sales-y. It’s true, the ideas we’re communicating are often more complex than B2C brand messages. But this shouldn’t be a barrier to delivering intriguing content and engaging experiences. 

For us the cornerstone of each B2B brief is remembering that there’s no such thing as ‘business people’. There’s you, and me, and everyone that we know. What makes us tick? What motivates us? What makes us change our behaviour? We think B2B audiences want exact same thing as B2C audiences: a creative idea that treats you like an interesting person. 

The ultimate stress test for us was whether we could create B2B ideas that felt effortless - that felt just like B2C. Because then we would be making genuine business-to-people communications.



Google wanted creative people in the advertising industry to overcome their fear of coding. Understanding that creative types learn through playing, we built a bar where you can literally code your way to a drink. The tactile game hid some nifty technology that brought your choices to life, and exposed visitors to code in a playful, unpressured environment. Positioned on Google’s Cannes Beach, the experience was shared quickly - and we’re proud to say there were long queues.

1,000 drinks coded



Delivery systems provider MetaPack wanted to show their partners and clients the industry’s extraordinary growth - without resorting to boring charts. We created a music video that gave viewers the impression they could hear every single delivery - each door knock, bell, and barcode beep. Presenting the data accurately, yet with an intriguing human insight, kept audiences absorbing information right to the last moment.



Sometimes B2B isn’t simply about selling a product, but encouraging organisational change in a client in order to enable a purchase or improve a working relationship. But how do you invite an established client to initiate a new business strategy, when there’s risk involved?

We felt that if we could show the human journey, we could make the story compelling. We created an aspirational video content series showcasing Google clients who broke the mould, and the big personalities that made it happen. Our inspiring client portraits show the guts and conviction it took to step away from successful but stagnating business strategies, and embrace new, tech-led ideas.  Our glossy, emotive video style ignores expected B2B video tropes and you won’t see a whiteboard anywhere.

We learn about the courage required for Matalan to go omnichannel, and the lengths Trivago went to when they moved their mobile site to a progressive web app. It was important for us to show B2B audiences the faces of people who initiated big changes. By telling their story, we would inspire another wave of leaders to overcome their fears.  

Watch Google Search Lights: Matalan & Trivago


Google and Skyscanner’s collaboration on new advertising formats has been incredibly successful, but how do you make a somewhat technical innovation engaging to viewers who aren’t themselves experts?

In this film we took a step back, and looked at how this innovation relates to a broader story about changing nature of air travel. Shot in the style of travel vlog, we created rhythm and energy, putting the product at the heart of a journey from Skyscanner’s native Edinburgh to London.