Bringing a key product feature to life: Fiat Tipo - A Whole World in a Boot

The Brief

What can you do with 440 litres of boot space? It's difficult to get excited about - and far from obvious that this measurement is what makes the Fiat Tipo's boot best-in-class.

So Flying Object was invited to activate this key product message, vibrantly and memorably, in a way that communicated directly to our family audience, with a campaign launching around their summer cinema ad blitz. 

The Idea & Results

Our idea was to bring the magic of the cinema right into the Fiat Tipo, and build a whole world inside the boot -  and then park in a cinema foyer for movie-mad families to see and share.

Practical effects specialists have created some of Hollywood's most recognisable epic landscapes in scale miniature. With the activation set to go live around Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, we designed an island disaster scene, rich with detail and story, unfolding from the back of the car right up to the driver's seat. We then partnered with one of the best practical effects team in the business, Magic Camera (if you've seen the Harry Potter films - they built Hogwarts), to build it out.

A volcano glowed and burbled; island residents escaped over rope bridges and through the water; mystical statues and creatures lurked; a helicopter (with rotating blades and functioning searchlight) tried to land. A custom designed sound bed brought the scene movement and dynamism.

Families could explore the world, taking in each element of detail, imagining the stories behind each scene and posing for photos. Meanwhile, parents heard more about the car from trained staff, with hundreds signing up over a single weekend to receive more info or book a test drive.

Audience responses from Cineworld Crawley:

"The size of the boot is incredible"

"Having this sort of thing - it draws you in a lot more"

"I would go and look it up afterwards, because I am impressed with that space"


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