Social media has a divisive reputation. But YouTube has a proud history of championing social change on its platform. Our challenge was to amplify their brand values by creating and activating socially responsible campaigns. 

For us, one of the biggest problems was reaching audiences stuck inside echo chambers of their own opinions. That means making a message relevant, even when it’s not something audiences know or care about. Successful content always speaks to people on their terms. 

By working with relatable YouTube influencers and vloggers, we were able to tap into their fandoms. Aligning key issues with the influencers’ personal interests earned us their audience’s attention, kept them watching, and got them sharing. 

To date, our socially responsible projects for YouTube have been viewed over 35m times. 



YouTube represents many marginalised communities, but by 2017 refugees were still under-represented. Partnering up with International Rescue Committee, we sent eight YouTube influencers to meet eight refugees they shared interests with. Their mission was to help other people tell their stories too. #MoreThanARefugee gave them a platform, an audience, a voice. 

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#OURSTOLOSE  3m views

Climate change can seem like a distant problem, unconnected to our daily lives. We invited ten highly relatable influencers, from six countries, to tell us about things they love that are under threat because of climate change. We drove over 600k signatures petitioning for climate change at COP21 in Paris 2015.



Comic Relief wanted to raise awareness and funds for children denied an education because of poverty, specifically by connecting with younger audiences in the US & UK.  We created #SchoolOfYouTube, a content series of 20+ videos. Collaborating with YouTube influencers, we made attention grabbing educational projects. ‘ real life #SchoolOfYouTube’, starring DanTDM building a Minecraft castle, earned over 13m views alone. 

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For Black History Month, YouTube wanted to celebrate the impact of African Americans without making a campaign stuck in the past. We created a social campaign with an empowering rallying cry: #KeepMakingHistory. Bringing together some of the leading black voices on YouTube, the message remains inspiring beyond Black History Month.