Get creatives coding

Google asked us to create interactive, physical installations for their experiential Google Beach area at the world’s largest advertising festival, Cannes Lions. The brief was to encourage creatives to use code in advertising. We approached this brief with the insight that creatives don’t want to be taught: they want to create.

We found that the barrier to using code in agencies was often the belief that programming is a difficult, foreign language. By turning the teaching of simple programming concepts into an almost child-friendly task of ordering a juice, our target audience wouldn’t even notice they were learning something new, until they’d already learnt it. So we developed a platform for visitors to solve a simple programming challenge in order to make their drink.

Several hundred people took part, learnt a bit about programming logic and took a first baby-step into the world of code.   

For the physical design and build of Bar Code, we partnered with design agency Kin.